About Us

The Hawaii Wealth Summit has been gathering real estate investors from around the state and is by far the best opportunity for networking and education in the area of real estate investing. Founded in 2008 by, Paul Xavier, and his vision to unite Hawaii’s real estate investors over a weekend that will expand your knowledge, change your perception and vision to create the kind of real estate wealth that will set you free.

Whether you are just getting started in real estate, looking to find the best financing strategy, or just looking to get back on track you need to attend the Hawaii Wealth Summit. When surrounded by the right people, in the right environment you can accelerate your life at lightening speeds. At Hawaii Wealth Summit you’ll find the connections and knowledge to bring you and your family untold wealth.

You’ll build relationships, extend your network, exchange ideas, and even strike some real estate deals right at the conference. No hype. No egos. We’re all equals at Hawaii Wealth Summit regardless of our experience and net worth. All it takes is one person, one deal, one opportunity, and your attendance at the Hawaii Wealth Summit will turn into one life-changing experience.

That’s exactly the experience you’ll have at Hawaii Wealth Summit!

Here are 8 facts about the Hawaii Wealth Summit:

FACT#1: Hawaii’s Top Real Estate Leaders
Here’s your chance to meet Paul Xavier, Author, Entrepreneur and Founder of Hawaii Wealth Summit. Paul is also the founder of Hawaii Real Estate Investors and Broker/Owner of Team Extreme Realty in Aiea. You’ll learn from him and his mentors, plus get a chance to network and rub shoulders with them throughout the conference.

FACT #2: Advanced Real Estate Strategies
What works and what doesn’t work in today’s economy? Our top speakers explain the latest thinking on the best strategies for investing in real estate. No fluff. These are the best ideas from wealthy real estate investors.

FACT #3: The Cream of the Crop
When you register as a VIP you’ll be part of a group of real estate investors that will stand out as A-players, no excuses.

FACT #4: Build Life-long Relationships
The people at Hawaii Wealth Summit are not just names on some business card. You’ll be building your own personal network of some of the greatest people you’ve ever met. Remember, success comes not from who you know, but who knows you. And its quality, not quantity, which counts.

FACT #5: Find the Right Partners
Deep pockets run deep here so it’s easy to connect with potential partners. Whether you are looking for cash for your next real estate deal or you’re looking to put your cash into a real estate deal, there’s no shortage of opportunities at Hawaii Wealth Summit.

FACT #6: Connections That Count
Most of the time, 90% of the people around you are broke, while only 10% have any money for partnerships. Here at Hawaii Wealth Summit, we flip that around. Multi-millionaires make the time to come to Hawaii Summit because they want to network with like-minded individuals, which is why you should be here, too.

FACT #7: Get Rejuvenated
Hawaii Wealth Summit has a way of getting people pumped again. It will give you that shot of adrenaline to get excited about your business again and life. It takes one person, one deal and one opportunity to change your life forever. We guarantee that at Hawaii Wealth Summit, you will find all three.

FACT #8: 100% Money Back Guarantee
Don’t like the conference by the end your first day? We give you back all your money. How simple is that? Yet after Eight years of Hawaii Wealth Summit events, we’ve never been asked for a refund. That’s because we create a “WOW” experience unmatched at any other conference.

Bottom line…Hawaii Wealth Summit is the experience of a lifetime, we guarantee it!

Again, If after your first day of attending the event, you don’t think Hawaii Wealth Summit is the best event ever, you get your money back. So you have no excuses for not attending!