Event Reviews

I have been to Armando Montelongo Seminars, Than Merrill and Preston Ely and I can say without a doubt that this was the best seminar I have been to and it was right here at home! – Survey Comment from Attendee

Thanks again very much for the great convention. You guys really took it to the next level! – Claire Nakasue – Honolulu, HI

Inspiring information and exciting speakers! – Survey Comment from Attendee

Paul and the HIRE Team! What another fantastic job you guys did! Hats off to all the great speakers and to you guys for making it happen! We all appreciate your hard work and for making investors connect in Hawaii. Thank you! – Lisa Van Den Heuvel – Honolulu, HI

Paul, I must say I was very impressed with your event. I can definitely see where it will grow to be a major event that could draw from all over. It was an absolute first class event! – Donna Bauer, The NoteBuyer Inc. – Hamilton, OH

Just wanted to express my appreciation to you and the HIREI Board for all the work you’ve done, not only in organizing and putting on what I thought was an informative and stimulating annual convention, but for starting and growing HIREI into what it is today. To have an organization in Hawaii like HIREI that brings together individuals with a common interest in real estate investment really provides an invaluable forum for networking, exchanging ideas, and finding support for our investment endeavors. My thanks to you all, and I look forward to continuing my membership in HIREI for many years to come. – Gordon Zane – Honolulu, HI

It was all so energizing, quality information and transforming. – Survey Comment from Attendee

Mahalo to all…this weekend was a blast. If it wasn’t for you and everyone who was involved to making it possible. I would never have a better look on life and where I would need to go from here. I’m taking action by getting involve…so I see you at the next HIREI meeting. – Kahau Mahoe-Thoene – Honolulu, HI

Also I wanted to thank you for having me at your fantastic event. It was probably the best one in the entire nation. You really know how to do it right. – Tony Youngs, Foreclosure Coach – Atlanta, GA

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for hosting an exceptional convention this past weekend. Three other students and I were fortunate enough to attend and the information we brought home with us is priceless. We really appreciate your coaches for taking us out to dinner and spending quality time to give us some insights on where to go with our real estate interests and address some of the setbacks we may experience as current students. We were also able to record a few of your speakers at Friday night’s VIP event. We’re anxious start applying what we’ve learned and share it with others. Attending this convention has been a rare and valuable learning opportunity. Mahalo! – Elaine Timoteo – Honolulu, HI

The VIP Dinner was really special. I appreciated being able to get to know the presenters as people. – Survey Comment from Attendee

Inspirational ideas to take it to a higher level. Good relational sources to get ahead financially and great opportunities to network and find information on real estate investing. Solid information on to know what questions to ask to be able to improve my business. – Survey Comment from Attendee


Here are EIGHT facts about Hawaii Wealth Summitt:

Fact #1:
Hawaii's Top Real Estate Leaders
Here’s your chance to meet Paul Xavier, Author, Entrepreneur and Founder of Hawaii Wealth Summit. Paul is also the founder of Hawaii Real Estate Investors and Broker/Owner of Team Extreme Realty in Aiea. You’ll learn from him and his mentors, plus get a chance to network and rub shoulders with them throughout the conference.

Fact #2:
Advanced Real Estate Strategies
What works and what doesn’t work in today’s economy? Our top speakers explain the latest thinking on the best strategies for investing in real estate. No fluff. These are the best ideas from wealthy real estate investors.

Fact #3:
The Cream of the Crop
When you register as a VIP you’ll be part of a group of real estate investors that will stand out as A-players, no excuses.

Fact #4:
Build Life-long Relationships
It takes one person, one deal and one opportunity to change your life forever. In today’s market, it’s not what you know or who you know, but who knows you.

Fact #5:
Find a The Right Partners
Deep pockets run deep here so it’s easy to connect with potential partners. Whether you are looking for cash for your next real estate deal or you’re looking to put your cash into a real estate deal, there’s no shortage of opportunities at Hawaii Wealth Summit.

Fact #6:
Connections That Count
Most of the time, 90% of the people around you are broke, while only 10% have any money for partnerships. Here at Hawaii Wealth Summit, we flip that around. Multi-millionaires make the time to come to Hawaii Summit because they want to network with like-minded individuals, which is why you should be here, too.

Fact #7:
Get Rejuvenated
Hawaii Wealth Summit has a way of getting people pumped again. It will give you that shot of adrenaline to get excited about your business again and life. It takes one person, one deal and one opportunity to change your life forever. We guarantee that at Hawaii Wealth Summit, you will find all three.

Fact #8:
100% Money Back Guarantee
Don’t like the conference by the end your first day? We give you back all your money. How simple is that? Yet after Eight years of Hawaii Wealth Summit events, we’ve never been asked for a refund. That’s because we create a “WOW” experience unmatched at any other conference.